UltraTech Knowledgebase Table of Contents
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Disabling ACPI Support in Windows 2000/XP
ACPI.TXT (4.3 Kbytes)

Administering Windows Servers From Windows Workstations
Admin.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)

Installing Active Directory in a SOHO Network
ADNetwork.TXT (23.5 Kbytes)

Active Directory Upgrade Strategies
ADUpgrade.TXT (15.1 Kbytes)

Alternative Office Suite Software for Windows
AltOffice.TXT (3.3 Kbytes)

Alternative x86 Operating Systems
AltOS.TXT (3.5 Kbytes)

The Answer To Life
AnswerToLife.TXT (1.3 Kbytes)

AntiSPAM Solutions for Windows (Desktops & Gateways)
AntiSPAM.TXT (4.7 Kbytes)

Virus (and Spyware) Information Sites
AntiVirus.TXT (8.9 Kbytes)

Running Older Apps in Windows 2000/XP/2003
APCompat.TXT (3.0 Kbytes)

Managing File Associations
Assoc.TXT (1.7 Kbytes)

Auditing File Access In Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Audit.TXT (6.0 Kbytes)

Configuring Windows For Automatic Logon
AutoLogon.TXT (2.3 Kbytes)


Tape/Disk Backup Solutions for Windows
Backups.TXT (9.6 Kbytes)

Batch Job Schedulers for Windows Systems
BatchJob.TXT (3.5 Kbytes)

Benchmarking Utilities for Windows Systems
BenchMark.TXT (3.7 Kbytes)

Best Practices for Administering Windows Systems/Networks
Best.TXT (5.7 Kbytes)

Creating a Bootable Windows CD w/Service Pack
BootCD.TXT (2.7 Kbytes)

Creating a Boot Disk for Windows
BootDisk.TXT (2.5 Kbytes)

Fixing The Boot Sector After Removing Windows
BootFix.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)

Configuring BOOT.INI Options
BOOTINI.TXT (2.6 Kbytes)

Configuring a Multi-OS System
BootMgr.TXT (11.4 Kbytes)

Repairing The Boot Sector
BootRepair.TXT (2.0 Kbytes)

Eliminating Domain Browsing Errors
Browser.TXT (6.6 Kbytes)

Troubleshooting Windows STOP Errors (BSOD) and Freezes
BSOD.TXT (8.9 Kbytes)


Computer Cases
Cases.TXT (2.5 Kbytes)

How-To Make Your Own CAT5 Cables
CAT5.TXT (2.1 Kbytes)

Drive Imaging Products
Cloning.TXT (5.7 Kbytes)

File Compression Utilities For Windows
Compress.TXT (3.0 Kbytes)

The Command Console of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Console.TXT (4.4 Kbytes)

Converting Your File System To NTFS
Convert.TXT (4.0 Kbytes)

CD Replication and Emulation Products
CopyCD.TXT (2.6 Kbytes)

Copying File/Share Permissions
CopyPerms.TXT (4.4 Kbytes)

Migrating or Duplicating User Profiles
CopyProfile.TXT (6.3 Kbytes)

Downloading A Full Copy Of The IE Install
CustomIE.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)

Creating a Custom Installation of Win2K Pro
Customize.TXT (854 bytes)


Using The Date And/Or Time In Batch Files
DateTime.TXT (3.3 Kbytes)

Defragging Utils For Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Defragger.TXT (4.0 Kbytes)

Delegate Administration Duties
Delegate.TXT (1.4 Kbytes)

Delete Files Older Than XX Days
DelOld.TXT (4.7 Kbytes)

Recommended User Desktop/Workstation Specs
DesktopSpecs.TXT (7.2 Kbytes)

Removing Hidden Devices In Windows 2000/XP/2003
DeviceMgr.TXT (2.3 Kbytes)

Diagnosing Problems In Windows
Diagnose.TXT (14.4 Kbytes)

DirectX Support In Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
DirectX.TXT (2.4 Kbytes)

Disk Administrator in 2000/XP/2003
DiskAdmin.TXT (2.7 Kbytes)

Disk Partitioning Software
DiskPart.TXT (3.6 Kbytes)

Hard Disk Sizes (Reported vs Actual)
DiskSizes.TXT (2.9 Kbytes)

Determining Disk Space Usage
DiskSpace.TXT (2.9 Kbytes)

How Windows Assigns Drive Letters
DriveLetters.TXT (5.9 Kbytes)


Easy Installation of Windows (NT and later)
EasyInstall.TXT (16.4 Kbytes)

Using the Encryptable File System (EFS)
EFS.TXT (2.7 Kbytes)

Manipulating Environment Variables
EnvVars.TXT (2.3 Kbytes)

Emergency Repair Disks
ERD.TXT (3.1 Kbytes)

Tools For Managing the Windows Eventlog
EventLog.TXT (6.7 Kbytes)

Backup/Recovery Procedures for Microsoft Exchange
ExchangeDR.TXT (1.2 Kbytes)


Fail-Over/High-Availability Software for Windows Server
FailOver.TXT (2.3 Kbytes)

ASB's List of Favorite Software for Windows
Favorites.TXT (7.4 Kbytes)

FDISK Replacement Utilities
FDISK.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)

Document File Extensions
FileExt.TXT (975 bytes)

File Synchronization Tools
FileSync.TXT (3.7 Kbytes)

Windows File Systems (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS)
FileSys.TXT (9.5 Kbytes)


Managing Group Policy on Windows Networks (Active Directory)
GroupPol.TXT (8.9 Kbytes)


PC Hardware & Hardware Review Sites
Hardware.TXT (6.2 Kbytes)

HelpDesk and Ticket Tracking Software
HelpDesk.TXT (4.2 Kbytes)

Strategies for Home Directories
HomeDirs.TXT (3.5 Kbytes)


Configuring IIS4 via Setup Scripts
IISsetup.TXT (1.6 Kbytes)

IIS/Web Resources
IISstuff.TXT (2.4 Kbytes)

Server Application Installation Sequence
Installs.TXT (2.1 Kbytes)

Replacing In Use Files
InUse.TXT (3.1 Kbytes)

Obtaining A List Of Installed Hardware/Software
Inventory.TXT (3.3 Kbytes)


How To Obtain The Latest Java VM for Windows
JavaVM.TXT (2.8 Kbytes)

Employment Resources for IT
JobHunt.TXT (9.9 Kbytes)


Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows
KBShortcuts.TXT (1.0 Kbytes)

KVM Switches
KVM.TXT (2.5 Kbytes)


Turn off the Licensing Service
License.TXT (3.2 Kbytes)

How To Establish Which Process Is Listening On A Port
Listen.TXT (4.4 Kbytes)

Website Load-Balance Solutions
LoadBal.TXT (1.6 Kbytes)

Locking Down Windows Workstations
LockDown.TXT (2.9 Kbytes)

Who Is Logged On
LoggedOn.TXT (1.7 Kbytes)

Limiting Users to A Single Logon In The Domain
Logons.TXT (2.4 Kbytes)

Using Logon Scripts in Windows
LogonScripts.TXT (3.7 Kbytes)


Mailing List Software for Windows
MailList.TXT (2.7 Kbytes)

Mapping Drives To Long UNC Paths
MapDrive.TXT (2.5 Kbytes)

Maximum RAM Supported By Windows
MaxRAM.TXT (8.4 Kbytes)

Software Disk Mirroring and Dynamic Disks
Mirroring.TXT (3.6 Kbytes)

Using Your Laptop At Work and At Home
MobileUser.TXT (4.9 Kbytes)

Server Monitoring Software For Windows NT/2000/2003
Monitoring.TXT (7.1 Kbytes)

Control Your Startup Items
MSCONFIG.TXT (2.9 Kbytes)

Using the Windows Installer
MSIExec.TXT (2.5 Kbytes)

Issues With Multi-OS Systems
MultiOS.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)

Run A Batch Job Without Logging On
MyService.TXT (2.0 Kbytes)


Name Resolution in a Windows Environment
NameRes.TXT (6.2 Kbytes)

Computer Naming Standards and IP Addressing
Naming.TXT (4.3 Kbytes)

Connecting To The Internet Using NAT or Proxy Solutions
NAT.TXT (8.4 Kbytes)

Networking Basics in a Windows Environment
NetBasics.TXT (48.3 Kbytes)

Creating a Network Boot Disk
NetBoot.TXT (2.3 Kbytes)

Supporting Multiple Network Configs
NetConfig.TXT (2.5 Kbytes)

Internet Etiquette (eMail & Forums)
Netiquette.TXT (1.3 Kbytes)

Network Monitoring Solutions
NetMon.TXT (4.3 Kbytes)

Acceptable Usage Policy for Network Resources
NetPolicy.TXT (2.4 Kbytes)

Configuring Network Settings from the Command Line
NetShell.TXT (3.0 Kbytes)

Performance Tweaks for LAN/Internet Connectivity
NetTweaks.TXT (3.3 Kbytes)

Connecting With Multiple Credentials
NetUse.TXT (2.0 Kbytes)

Switches and Other Network Gear
Networking.TXT (4.9 Kbytes)

Migrating A File Server To New Hardware
NewHardware.TXT (4.4 Kbytes)

Migrating An IIS Server To New Hardware
NewIIS.TXT (2.2 Kbytes)

Migrating A DC or File Server To New Hardware
NewServer.TXT (5.1 Kbytes)

Alternative Shells/Desktops For Windows
NewShell.TXT (3.0 Kbytes)

Creating User Accounts
NewUser.TXT (4.6 Kbytes)

Modifying Windows User Rights
NTRights.TXT (3.0 Kbytes)

Drive Limitations During Windows NT Setup
NTSetup.TXT (3.6 Kbytes)

How To Determine The OS Version
NTVer.TXT (2.1 Kbytes)


Backing Up Outlook Express Data
OE_Backup.TXT (1.9 Kbytes)

Who/What Has That File Open?
OpenFiles.TXT (4.3 Kbytes)

Guidelines for a Well-Oiled Windows System
OSBasics.TXT (28.2 Kbytes)

How To Determine The OS Type In A Logon Script
OSType.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)


Paging File Considerations for Windows NT (and family)
Pagefile.TXT (15.5 Kbytes)

AlphaNumeric Paging & Messaging Solutions
Paging.TXT (1.5 Kbytes)

Partitions and Partitioning in Windows
Partitions.TXT (7.7 Kbytes)

Changing/Managing Service Passwords
Passwords.TXT (5.4 Kbytes)

Performance Tuning Considerations for Windows NT Family
Performance.TXT (7.5 Kbytes)

Getting/Setting Share and File Permissions
Perms.TXT (9.7 Kbytes)

Personal Firewalls For Windows Systems
PFirewalls.TXT (9.0 Kbytes)

Configuring Windows Functionality Through A Firewall/NAT
PPTP.TXT (4.0 Kbytes)

Price Comparisons for Hardware/Software
Pricing.TXT (1.3 Kbytes)

Process Manipulation Utilities
Processes.TXT (5.9 Kbytes)

Protecting Files, Folders and Shares in Windows
Protect.TXT (5.4 Kbytes)


Disk Quota Management Utilities For Windows NT
Quota.TXT (1.2 Kbytes)

Using Long File Names From The Command Line
QuoteMarks.TXT (1.7 Kbytes)


Hardware RAID Configuration for Servers
RAID.TXT (11.9 Kbytes)

Replacing A Primary Domain Controller (NT4)
RebuildDC.TXT (3.6 Kbytes)

Hard Disk Data Recovery Services/Tools
Recovery.TXT (2.7 Kbytes)

Registry Manipulation Tools
RegEdit.TXT (7.1 Kbytes)

Using Remote Assistance In Windows XP/2003
RemoteAsst.TXT (4.6 Kbytes)

Remote Control Tools For Windows
RemoteCtrl.TXT (8.4 Kbytes)

Uninstalling Internet Explorer
RemoveIE.TXT (3.7 Kbytes)

Renaming a Server or Domain
Renaming.TXT (2.6 Kbytes)

Repairing Your Windows (NT family) Installation
RepairNT.TXT (10.6 Kbytes)

Accessing a Windows System Where The Admin Password Has Been Lost
Rescue.TXT (3.5 Kbytes)

Deleting Files With Reserved Names
Reserved.TXT (2.1 Kbytes)

Where To Obtain The Latest Resource Kits
ResKit.TXT (5.4 Kbytes)

Automatically Restarting IIS Servers
RestartIIS.TXT (3.3 Kbytes)

Executing Processes As A Different User
RunAS.TXT (3.5 Kbytes)


Saving System and Registry Configuration
SafeConfig.TXT (2.1 Kbytes)

Scandisk and CHKDSK (CheckDisk)
ScanDisk.TXT (5.6 Kbytes)

Common Scheduler Service Issues
Scheduler.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)

Scripting and Automation Options For Windows
Scripting.TXT (9.0 Kbytes)

Security Concerns In The Corporate Environment
SecConcerns.TXT (12.0 Kbytes)

Security Scanners and Related Tools
SecTools.TXT (7.2 Kbytes)

Security Resources - System and Network
Security.TXT (7.1 Kbytes)

Recommended Hardware Specs for Production Servers
ServerSpecs.TXT (10.8 Kbytes)

Service Manipulation Utilities
Services.TXT (7.2 Kbytes)

Setting an IP Address in Windows 2000/XP
SetIP.TXT (5.4 Kbytes)

Assigning Permissions to Users & Groups
SetPerms.TXT (6.2 Kbytes)

Creating Setup Floppies In Windows
SetupDisk.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)

SOHO/Enterprise Firewalls For Windows Networks
SFirewalls.TXT (11.2 Kbytes)

Remote Shutdown of Windows Systems
Shutdown.TXT (2.8 Kbytes)

Machine SID And Cloning Issues
SID.TXT (1.9 Kbytes)

Adding SMP Support for Windows NT/2000
SMP.TXT (5.3 Kbytes)

The Benefits of SMP Systems
SMPOS.TXT (2.8 Kbytes)

POP3/IMAP/SMTP Servers for Windows
SMTP.TXT (9.1 Kbytes)

When To Reapply Your Service Pack
SPack.TXT (8.7 Kbytes)

Enterprise-Wide HotFix & Service Pack Management
SPackMgr.TXT (4.7 Kbytes)

Big-Brother/Spying Utilities
Spying.TXT (1.4 Kbytes)

Calculating Support Personnel Ratios
Staffing.TXT (4.4 Kbytes)

Installing OEM Storage Drivers During Setup
Storage.TXT (5.0 Kbytes)

Enabling Strong Password Support in Windows
StrongPWD.TXT (3.3 Kbytes)

Subnetting Overview
Subnetting.TXT (6.0 Kbytes)

Generic Host For Services
SVCHOST.TXT (3.7 Kbytes)

Definition of SYSTEM and BOOT Partitions in Windows NT
SysBoot.TXT (1.3 Kbytes)

Obtaining System Info Remotely
SysInfo.TXT (3.4 Kbytes)

SysLog Servers For Windows
SysLog.TXT (2.7 Kbytes)

Tools for Unattended Windows Installations
SysPrep.TXT (3.8 Kbytes)


Tracking Memory Usage with Task Manager
TaskMgr.TXT (3.7 Kbytes)

Task Scheduler vs. Schedule Service
TaskSched.TXT (6.5 Kbytes)

TCP/IP Information and Resources
TCPIP.TXT (5.0 Kbytes)

The Hazards of Technical Support (Humor)
TechSpt.TXT (6.1 Kbytes)

Terminal Emulation Software For Windows
Terminal.TXT (2.2 Kbytes)

Things To Do Before Installing NT/2000/XP
TestInstall.TXT (9.0 Kbytes)

Time Synchronization on the Network
TimeSync.TXT (4.9 Kbytes)

The Administrator's Must-Have Toolkit
ToolKit.TXT (6.0 Kbytes)

Migrating To A Windows 2000/2003 Domain Structure
ToWin2K.TXT (2.9 Kbytes)

Tracking Installation Changes
Tracking.TXT (5.0 Kbytes)

IT Training Resources
Training.TXT (2.8 Kbytes)

The Art Of Troubleshooting
Troubleshoot.TXT (5.9 Kbytes)

System Configuration Utilities for Windows
TweakUI.TXT (2.3 Kbytes)


Undelete Utilities for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Undelete.TXT (2.0 Kbytes)

Unix Utilities for Windows
Unix.TXT (1.3 Kbytes)

Desktop/Server Upgrade Strategies
Upgrades.TXT (5.8 Kbytes)

Calculating System Uptime
Uptime.TXT (3.8 Kbytes)

USB Support In Windows
USB.TXT (1.9 Kbytes)

Managing Users Accounts and Rights In A Domain
UserAcct.TXT (5.5 Kbytes)

Domain User Management Utilities For Windows
UserMgr.TXT (7.2 Kbytes)

Must-Have Utilities For Windows Users/Admins
Utils.TXT (14.8 Kbytes)


Favorite Value Hardware & Vendors List
ValueList.TXT (4.3 Kbytes)

Determining File Version Info
Versions.TXT (2.0 Kbytes)

Visual Styles and Effects in Windows XP
VisEffects.TXT (1.4 Kbytes)

Hardware and Software VPN Solutions
VPN.TXT (4.3 Kbytes)


Analyzing Your Web/Proxy Logs
WebLogs.TXT (3.0 Kbytes)

Windows File Protection
WFP.TXT (2.2 Kbytes)

The Windows 2000/XP/2003 Product Family
Win2000.TXT (15.5 Kbytes)

Advantages of Windows 2000/XP over Win9x/ME
Windows.TXT (17.2 Kbytes)

WinPopup Replacements (and Messenger SPAM)
WinPopup.TXT (6.2 Kbytes)


Request for a Consulting Engagement
~Consulting.TXT (1.7 Kbytes)

Being Self-Sufficient: The Great Debate
~Help.TXT (10.1 Kbytes)

The Official Assistance Request Form (HUMOR)
~HelpForm.TXT (3.7 Kbytes)

Overlooked NT/2000/XP/2003 Resources
~Info.TXT (11.4 Kbytes)

More Info Is Needed To Solve This Problem
~MoreInfo.TXT (12.8 Kbytes)

Interview Test - Configuring A Windows Network
~NetworkTest.TXT (3.3 Kbytes)

Piracy Hurts Us All
~Piracy.TXT (5.6 Kbytes)

Advanced Searching 201 (including Microsoft's KB)
~Searching.TXT (3.8 Kbytes)